Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunday Snapshots 16

This was the week where I..

...finally got my curtains! So I don't have the whole street looking into my appartment!
...bought some fake flowers
...made a healthy lunch with avocado and a tomato salsa
...went to Ikea..again..
...some more fake flowers
...had to take the tiniest bus to get home because it was so late
...drank lots of tea to keep warm.

Hope you all have a Happy Sunday!


  1. Again a wonderful collage! :) Have a great new week! x

  2. Je lunch ziet er heerlijk uit. Ik heb dezelfde thee beter van Blond. Echt zo'n fijn ding. Ik drink volgens mij liters thee hiermee haha

    1. Ja die beker is echt enorm haha! De liters gaan snel zo!