Sunday, January 6, 2013

Sunday Snapshots 13

First of all: Happy 2013!
Hope you all had a lovely Christmas en a fun New Year celebration!
Due the holidays and moving, I haven't had time to upload last weeks snapshots so here are two weeks of fun combined.

These were the weeks where I...
..had some help from my friends putting together some furniture
..celebrated Christmas with my family, lots of food, presents and fun a sweet present from my collegues
..also got a lot of cards
..spend a lot of time in line at Ikea
..had my family over at my new place
..cooked for the first time in my new kitchen
..spend New Years with my friends and we lit on some firework
..had a very very very late Sinterklaas celebration this weekend with my best friend.

Hope you all have a Happy Sunday!

Love, Anja


  1. Sounds perfect! :) And i can´t wait to see your flat this year! x

  2. Ah lastig verhuizen tijdens kerst enzo. Ik had toen (augustus verhuisd) ook heel erg wam weer, ook vervelend> Gelukkig er met familie, vrienden door gekomen :D
    P.s. leuke happy mok!

    1. Ja inderdaad niet ideaal..maar ja wanneer is verhuizen dat wel? Haha in de zomer lijkt me inderdaad ook niet heel fijn!