Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sunday Snapshots 79

Fresh strawberries on a Mondaymorning

Finding my first phone! (Or at least one of my first..I'm not sure anymore)

Going to the optician to get an eyetest and getting new glasses!

Pastasalad for dinner on my balcony

The most ridiculous game ever. Some sort of  'soup' game where you shout out the ingredients or something like that. Too much rules to remember but I won several times, so love the game ;)

Having a DIY afternoon/night with my best friend. I was trying to make a dreamcatcher..still working on it so far!

Hope you had a lovely week!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Snapshots 78

First of all..Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are having a great time with friends, family of other loved ones!

As I was going through my pictures I noticed there were a lot of foodpics again!

A pre-Easter brunch with my friends with lots of delicious food and cupcakes!

I bought a new box to store all my tea. My old one was way to small so time for a big one with this fun quote! I even rearranged my cupboard into a real 'teastation'.

Sushiiii! Having a sushi date with my lovely friends. Lots of catching up to do and that's always better with some great sushi around!

First icecream of the year! The weather was so lovely this weekend, so I couldn't resist this icecream

Sexy sexy bowlingshoes! My family and I went for some bowling for Easter. Gotta love the shoes!

Snuggling time with the cute Lucky. He was not amused being in front of the camera.

Hope you all had a great week!

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Snapshots 77

So I ordered something online and got this timetable for specific...

While I was waiting for the package, I decided to clean out my closet.

Nice and tidy again (not completely done here but oh well)

Having a nice evening with my bestest friend. Trying to figure out a new DIY project on Pinterest.

Look how creative she made this! Looks so nice!

Trying some healthy cooking. I'm not a great cook, but even I can do something like this :)

Hope you all had a great week!

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Snapshots 76

Pretty pretty flowers on my balcony!

Oh hi there!

Ready for work with my favorite bag.

Pasta for dinner

Some more pretty flowers

Movie night with friends! Watching Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 again..gotta love this movie!

Well I think it's pretty obvious I have been working all week and nothing really special happend haha. Haven't been taking pictures as much as usual. I'll try to be better next week ;)

Hope you all had a great week!