Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Snapshots 19

Another Sunday Snapshots again to capture my week :)
This was the week where I..

..went on a family vacation to Germany
..tried on some crazy looking sunglasses with my cousin
..had a movie night with lots of popcorn
..went to see this beautiful castle 
..was sooo freezing! It didn't stop snowing for the entire week
..played lots a games, especially Uno was one of the favorites!

Hope you had a wonderful week too and I wish you all a lovely Sunday!


  1. How cool, love the shot with your cousin! :D And where have you been here in Germany? :) x

    1. Ah thank you! We went to Bad Bentheim..and on the way home we went shopping in Essen. X

    2. Awwww! Essen! My "Love" - i just missing studying there... :( So you where at the Limbecker Platz? It´s just a few minutes away from my old campus, so i spend alot of time there in my breaks! :D x

  2. Whahah die brillen zijn cool! En Uno is zo'n leuk spel! Speel ik ook altijd!