Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Travel: Marrakech Part 1

So I promised to make a post about my vacation in Marrakech..here it is! It already feels so long ago! Time to look back on a great week! Prepare for lots of pictures!

You have to make yourself comfortable, especially while traveling with suitcases

After lots and lots of waiting..finally in the air!

Marrakech Airport!

First things first! Some tea and pastry while we fill in some registation forms

We stayed at the Dellarosa Hotel in the middle of Marrakech. Such a lovely place to stay with a beautiful rooftop view!

We walked around the neighbourhood while we waited for our room and we found this little one

In the afternoon we went to Djemaa El Fna. What a wonderful place to be. All the people, sounds, smells..everything! 

As the sun goes down, all the little lights go on..such a pretty view!

I think I made at least a hundred pictures just of all the lights..!

While we were watching the beautiful square, we had this lovely dinner with couscous and lots of vegetables.

Love lamps like these! Too bad my suitcase was too small to take one home.

This was it for today! Part 2 will be up soon!


  1. Wat een prachtige foto's. Ik droom helemaal weg hier achter mijn laptop ;-)