Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Photolog 14.01.2014


Breakfast! Felt like making pancakes today, so I did!


And also this one..

Comfy outfit today

Continueing cleaning up my balcony

This is how it looks now! Ready for winter!

My mom dropped by, she went to the DM in Germany and brought these for me.

Watching part of  'Wie is de Mol' again because I missed a part on Thursday. It just started and already really exciting!

Grocery shopping

Back at home

Time for some cooking..

Done! Made a couscous salad..really delicious!

Painting my nails while I watch some tv

Done! Bright pink this time =)

Watching some tv before going to bed..goodnight!


  1. :) Sounds and looks like a nice relaxed day! My day was super busy, was 10h on the road because of courses, in one of them i had to held a presentation. Back at home me and my brother cooked dinner for our family. So now i´m really tired! :D

    1. That sounds as a really busy day! Now time for some relaxing ;) x