Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Snapshots 74

This week was my birthday!! On Thursday I turned 27 so time for some celebrations

My sister made me the most awesome cake ever!

Putting up some birthday decoration

I love getting cards! My friend knows this and even send me two cards just to be sure ;)

My sweet collegue left me a present at work! How cute are these tiny chocolate cupcakes!

Having dinner at my friends house and got some icecream for dessert!

Lovely new flowers and plants for my balcony!

Hope you all had a great week!


  1. Haha superleuke cake! Ik was in londen bij de M&M's store en daar hadden ze ook zoooooveeeel kleuren, zo cool!

  2. Haha daar zou ik nog wel eens heen willen ;)