Sunday, December 21, 2014

Sunday Snapshots 113

My week started with a very very early trip to Amsterdam..

Waiting for our train after our meeting.

I do a lot of stupid things, but this one beats a lot of them. I lost my earstud when I got my bike and than ran over it with my bike..with a flat tire as result. So walking home it is...

As a Sinterklaas gift I got this adults colouring book...

So I had to give it a try.. :D

Time for some pizzaaaaa

My best friend came by and decided we were gonna bake some we did!

In the oven.. We actually started really late with the actual baking so it turned out to be a midnight baking session.

Nothing says 'Christmas' more than a duck...

Don't forget to take a picture

Sundaymorning with tea and a pretty cookie

The town looks quite festive

Having a shoppingbreak with my family

Ending the week with a picknick movienight with my cousin

Hope you all had a great week!