Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Snapshots 117

Ikea shopping on a Monday afternoon. Right as we walked in I saw this pretty thing (don't actually know how it's called). Not sure if I have the space for it now, but just look at it! How cool!

Love this decoration part of the store!

All the pretty fake flowers! Since most of my plants and flowers die on me within a week, I love the fake ones!

Hmm for someone that didn't actually needed something, my bag is quite full....

My new scented ikea candle on my nightstand!

And ofcourse I have to show my new and pretty breakfast bowl! :D

Loving my tulips! They actually lasted for two weeks! That's a new record for me!

Started using addicting! Especially love the ones that take place in New York, so weird I will be there in a couple of months!

Do you have any movie suggestions for me?
Hope you had a really nice week!


  1. IKEA - what would we do without you! :D Have 3 IKEA-giftcards here, seems i have a good reason for a haul! :D Oh and hey, did you hear the news? Will visit Sarah in march, hope we maybe manage to visit Roermond this time!? :D Kisses!

    1. Haha yeah I love Ikea! Oeh 3 giftcarts..that's nice! That's indeed a good reason for a haul! Oh no Sarah hasn't told me yet. So cool! Haha yes maybe we will this time! :D xxx

    2. We checked our schedules last week and seems it won´t fit in march because on the weekends i´m free Sarah isn´t and the other way round.. :D So, i will keep you uptodate with our plans! ;)