Sunday, April 7, 2013

Sunday Snapshots 26

Another weekly overview!!
This was the week where I..

..had a lovely Easterweekend. First I went bowling with my family as you saw in last weeks Sunday Snapshots, and the second day I had a lovely breakfast with my friends and afterwards we went to a Flea Market.

..had my wisdom tooth taken out. Not a fun thing to do but luckily it was my last one, so no more for me!!
..could finally sit on my balcony!
..had some fresh them! some new slippers to wear inside :)

Hope you all had a lovely Sunday!



  1. Ziet eruit als een fijne, lente-achtige week. Die bloemen zijn mooi!

    1. Dankje! Nu maar hopen dat het nog lang mooi weer blijft!