Sunday, April 14, 2013

Sunday Snapshots 27

Wow another week flew by! I have the feeling I'm saying this almost every week, but this week went by so fast! Here some photo's!

I tried studying some more spanish. I started this course like two years ago but somehow I stopped and now I have to start almost all over again. I would really like to speak some spanish so I guess I keep on studying! :)

I was in a baking mood so I tried a recipe I found online on bananabread. I have to was delicious! So easy to make, even for someone who isn't a great baker haha

I made my first green smoothie. It looks really disgusting but it actually tasted really good. Just don't look at it that much while you're drinking it! :)

A little bit of movietime! I watched Life of Pi. I really liked this movie!

Easy dinner for me: chicken wraps!

Busy trainstation and when I was in the train I saw this huge dark raincloud. Two minutes later the sky was completely blue again haha

There was a icecreamtruck in front of my house!

Some healthy grocery shopping!

So that's my week in pictures! Hope you all had a lovely week!


  1. Oh wat leuk, spaans! Ik probeer het ook weer op te pakken voor Barcelona hihi. En life of Pi, mooi he! Vond t zo zielig toen die tijger ervandoor ging, echt stom :p!

    1. Haha ja dat is inderdaad wel heel handig in Barcelona! Jaaa hele mooie film! Idd erg zielig toen ie wegliep!

  2. Ik vind de Nederlandse spelling al moeilijk.. Laat staan spaans. Die smoothie ziet er inderdaad erg euhm.. 'ranzig' uit maar dat zijn juist de smoothies die het lekkerste zijn.

    1. Haha ja grammatica is ook niet m'n favoriete onderdeel haha. Ja dat klopt inderdaad!