Sunday, April 21, 2013

Sunday Snapshots 28

Aaaand it's Sunday again! Here some pictures of my superfun week!


Trying to cook Thai food. Homemade Pad Thai..soooo good!

Being outside enjoying the sun

Another green smoothie. This one is actually green instead of brown, but still delicious!

Planting some herbs

Having sushi with my lovely friend E.

Saw a concert of Adele. I love her songs and it was great to see one of her shows. Hope to see one in real life sometime!

So much fun stuff in the Asian Supermarket! I love it there!

Going to Maastricht with my best friend S. 

Finding this really nice place to have dinner. They had these huge burgers I couldn't even finish.

Went to Frozz! I love frozen yoghurt but couldn't find it in my living area so it was the first thing we did when we arrived in Maastricht! 

My lovely cousins came over for a sleepover! So much fun and so little sleep! She wore these them!

Hope you all had a lovely week!



  1. Sounds and looks awesome!! :)) My week was just: uni + work... :( :D x

    1. Thanks it was! Haha yeah I know those weeks too..not as fun! Planning your trip to Sarah yet?