Monday, January 13, 2014


Okay first of all..Happy Monday everyone! 

Since I decided I wanted to blog a bit more when I have the time, I started thinking about what I should post. I'm not really a great writer and there are only so many thing you can take pictures of. But I noticed a new trend in bloggerworld, Plogging. That's when you try to shorten photologging. I can't help it but I think it's one of the most ulgy words there is. The point of photologging in this case is just capturing everything you do on a day. Not just the interesting things, EVERYTHING! (well almost than). Although I didn't think it would be interesting to see every little detail of someones life, I catch myself liking it on other blogs more than I thought I would. So I decided to try it out. For one week I'm going to capture as much of my day as I can and put it on here. I'm starting today so the first photolog will be online tomorrow morning. 

I hope you guys like it and let me know what you think!


  1. Ik ben nog niet zo thuis in deze trend, zie er nog niets van voorbij komen. Ben benieuwd wat je er van maakt, succes! =)

    1. Haha nou het is niet veel anders dan dat ik normaal doe, alleen ipv wekelijks nu eens dagelijks =) de eerste staat online!

  2. Het is eigs net zoals de visual diaries die ik ook wel eens maakte, maar dan een buzzword haha, maar leuk joh, gewoon doen!