Friday, February 7, 2014

Photolog 06.02.2014

Goodmorning! Started working a bit later in the day today so time for some morning ironing

Preparing lunch with some leftover vegetables from yesterday

Vegetable omelet! This was not exactly the result, but because I just can't flip an omelet in one piece (so it looks like a warzone in a pan) I'll just show you this one

Painting my nails before I have to leave


Waiting for my train to arrive

There we are again!

Some turboshopping before work. Didn't buy antything though.

Aaaand work is done. Going back home in an empty train. Just me and some creepers. Yay! (Creepers not on the picture though..I kinda like to be alive and stuff.)

Very busy reading the paper to keep the creepers away.

Back home! Watching back the episode of  'Wie is de Mol' before I go to bed. Goodnight!

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