Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sunday Snapshots 100!!!

Yeah that's right! I've made 100 Sunday Snapshots already! This calls for a special edition!

Made this filling for homemade springrolls. Just put together everything I had in my fridge..

The result! 

I'll just keep going with another foodpicture. This is a pesto/chicken/mushroom/pepper sandwich, which was really nice!

Having a girly movienight. We watched 'The Fault in Our Stars' and even though I saw it before, it still made me cry.

Amsterdam!!! It had been a year since I've been to Amsterdam so it was about time!

Happy faces!

Love the canals in Amsterdam. Can't stop taking pictures of it!

First time I went to Urban Outfitters..oh my god this shop is amazing! I wanted to buy everything! Especially all the original cool!!

Okay one more from Urban Outfitters. I great are these phonecases..and headphones..and cameras..and.. and.. and....

You just can't go to Amsterdam without taking a picture of some bikes ;)

And ofcourse some boats!

My blurry morningface with a nosepiercing...

Sunday photowalk around town.

I hope you all had a great week!


  1. Jahj! Een superlange sundays! Leukleuk. Amsterdam is zo gezellig, kan mij voorstellen dat je niet kan stoppen om foto's te maken van de kanalen/grachten <3 Meer van zulke posts?

    1. Ahw wat lief! Thnx! Ja misschien wil ik het wel vaker uitproberen om wat langere Sunday Snapshot posts te maken :) en gotta love Amsterdam! Vind het jammer dat ik er maar zo weinig kom!

  2. Awww! Congrats on the 100-milestone!! :) A great achievement! And what great shots! Love the one of the gracht and Urban Outfitters looks soooooo cool! :) x

    1. Thnx Katia!! Never though I would keep up with it for so long ;) Yes it really is so cool! You would definitely love it too! x

  3. Aaah, Amsterdam is leuk! Ik kom er ook niet heel vaak (meer), maar het is elke keer weer een feestje om er te zijn. En grappig, ik dacht echt altijd dat Urban Outfitters alleen een kledingwinkel was, haha.

    1. Ja dat dacht ik ook altijd, maar de rest is nog veel leuker!! Jammer dat we er maar eentje hebben in NL! ;)