Sunday, November 25, 2012

Sunday Snapshots 8

The week where I..

...had a lovely evening with my family. We were drawing names for Christmas. It's something we do every year and on Christmas Eve we put all the presents under the tree.
...spend some time on the bus..again..
...had a huge sandwich for lunch!
...really noticed it's getting darker earlier and earlier :(
...finally saw my appartment again because there were some issues with it so I had to wait a long time but finally getting the keys tomorrow!!
...had a lovely Ikea lunch!

Hope you had a lovely Sunday!
Love, Anja


  1. Oh wat fijn dat je de sleutels krijgt. Lekker gaan inrichten!

    1. Ja echt heel fijn! Eerst nog even klussen en dan kan het beginnen!

  2. again, congrats on the flat! :) so i guess i´ll visit you the next time i´m around! :) x