Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sunday Snapshots 6

Well it's been a while..I didn't update last Sunday because I've been sick that whole week so nothing to tell about that haha!

This was the week where...

...I worked a lot!
...wore my cosy fluffy socks I bought at Primark
...I saw these supercute little bags to hang on your teacup
...tried to make a collage for in my new appartment a book
...I was thinking about a new layout for my blog but I'm not sure. I'm not that great with html but I'm also not sure how I feel about this blogger dynamic view..any suggestions?

Hope you have a lovely Sunday!


  1. great mix of shots! :) i like your layout! :) but i know how hard it is to create with blogger (at least if you´re a absolute html-noob like me ;) ) a design which makes you 100% happy! ;) what i can say from experience (and learned from my dad (graphic-designer) ): don´t mix to many colours or different styles for the font.
    but i guess in the end everybody must use the try and error method to find the right thing! :D

    1. Thnx! I like it too but with this dynamic view I can't change a thing..just the colors and font and that's kinda it. I would like to have some more control over it but I don't like the standard blogger layout that much..dilemma's haha yours looks nice btw! x

  2. i used the simple-sample (that sounds weird hahaha :D) and then changend nearly everything :D maybe i will change the background too, now it´s also a sample but i would like to use a own picture...let´s see! :)