Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Photolog 03.02.2014

Goodmorning! This is what my feet look like in the morning! 

My breakfast in Black & White. Just because I'm artistic like that.

Folding some laundry.

Yay! Empty again!

Noodles for lunch! With my pretty chopsticks.

Watching Revenge. A friend of mine told me about this serie. So I have to watch all three seasons. Now!

Little bit of excersizing

And a green smoothie with kale, spinach, a banana and some almondmilk.

Grocery shopping

Whoop whoop! A bit of sunshine today!

So pretty!

Having dinner with my parents. Yes the quality of this picture is amazing. I know!

This looks really nasty. Sorry about that. I had to color my hair again.


Time to go home again!

Editing this post and I'm off to bed! Goodnight!


  1. Nice hair-colour!! :) And looks like a nice day, sleep tight now! x