Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sunday Snapshots 78

First of all..Happy Easter everyone! Hope you are having a great time with friends, family of other loved ones!

As I was going through my pictures I noticed there were a lot of foodpics again!

A pre-Easter brunch with my friends with lots of delicious food and cupcakes!

I bought a new box to store all my tea. My old one was way to small so time for a big one with this fun quote! I even rearranged my cupboard into a real 'teastation'.

Sushiiii! Having a sushi date with my lovely friends. Lots of catching up to do and that's always better with some great sushi around!

First icecream of the year! The weather was so lovely this weekend, so I couldn't resist this icecream

Sexy sexy bowlingshoes! My family and I went for some bowling for Easter. Gotta love the shoes!

Snuggling time with the cute Lucky. He was not amused being in front of the camera.

Hope you all had a great week!


  1. Happy Easter my dear! :) So much yummy stuff! And i looooove your tea-box! :D x

    1. Happy Easter for you too! Haha yes I thought it was such a cool teabox! X